One can not think well, love well, or sleep well if one has not eaten well!
Virginia Woolf

The Portovecchio Ristorante Pizzeria, which has been active in the enchanting setting of the port of Salerno for many years, has always been distinguished by the high quality of its cuisine. Today it is a benchmark for the local food industry and enjoys great consideration by vast clientele from all over the province.Portovecchio's cuisine, characterised by taste and variety, is based on the experience of our expert chefs and the quality of the ingredients, which are carefully searched out and selected by the best vendors in the region to ensure the utmost genuineness of our dishes. This place is also pleasant to experience and visit, thanks to our spacious and bright reception room, furnished with class and elegance and possessing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

A Beautiful Location

Another important aspect of the Portovecchio Ristorante Pizzeria is its position on the harbour, a place much loved by the Salerno people and the many tourists visiting the city and the coast. The view of the sea makes for a magic and romantic atmosphere, especially during special events. In fact, our location is highly requested for organizing banquets and wedding receptions or other ceremonies.
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Our History

The opening of the Portovecchio Ristorante Pizzeria dates back to 1998, which is the year we were founded by the expert restaurateur Francesco Tuozzo, who had spent a long time working in this field both in Salerno and abroad. The goal has always been to combine the utmost care in choosing products with a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere and highly professional service. Even today, our highly-qualified and well-trained staff are committed every day to doing their best work and meeting the needs of all customers.
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Fresh and Genuine Ingredients

The main strength of our restaurant is without a doubt our vision for our cuisine, which requires only using fresh produce of local origin. This also enhances the natural richness of the Salerno and Campania areas. Our pantry is restocked daily with top-quality, fresh and genuine products, purchased only from local producers according to our "0 km" philosophy.
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